About Us

Substance of Styles is a blog which seeks to provide informative and fun posts about various topics covering women’s health, beauty and fashion. We pride ourselves on looking good, and feeling good, so, we want to inspire other ladies out there to be the best possible versions of themselves!

We do our best to create good quality content that you can digest which will hopefully give you good tips and advice on how you can better yourself. From make up tips and tutorials, to health advice and recipes, and OOTD’s so that you can rock your wardrobe and look amazing!


One of the reason why 1000+ women follow us and are on our email list, is because we do regular giveaways! (1-2 per month) For example, since starting up the blog in 2019, in the space of 1 month, we did 2 giveaways and they were great! The first one was 2x $50 gift cards for Kylie Cosmetics, and the most recent one was again, 2x $50 gift cards but this time it was to spend at Huda Beauty!

Our audience love these giveaways, and in order to grow our following and continue providing quality content, we will continue doing these amazing giveaways which we all love!